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About us

Our DEREN & Cie teams are based in the city of Barentin, in Normandy, in historical buildings that have witnessed our evolution. All our departments are gathered here to be able to be as responsive and attentive as you need.


DEREN's staff

DEREN is a traditional, family and future-oriented company.

Our textile articles are dedicated to hotels, laundries, nursing homes, retailers, hospitalities…

Georges DEREN gave birth to the company more than 130 years ago, in the region of Normandy that has historically always been a huge textile producer. After his great-grand father Georges, his grandfather Carlos and his father Daniel, Pascal DEREN is now running this family business.


As one of the last independent textile businesses of the area, DEREN claims technical skills when it comes to linen and cotton fabric.
Our linen collections are meticulously created to provide you with the most beautiful and durable products, reflecting design, modernity and authenticity.

Step by step, we have focused our offer on providing bed linen, table linen, towels and kitchen linen, constantly developing our range and adding new products. At the same time, our second office based in the North have kept on supplying fabric for the fashion and design industry.

DEREN is renowned for its capacity to adapt to each client’s needs quickly and responsively.


As a forerunner, sustainable development has been influencing our choices for a long time.
Our products and actions are made to be in correlation with environment and people respect in order to contribute to make the world a better place.


Georges Deren built our plant in Barentin in 1887. More than 300 people were employed to weave flax linen with more than 100 weaving looms.

DEREN 1887

Our plant was destroyed in 1940 after war bombardments. It was rebuilt in 1951 and a cotton spinning mill was created.

The French Post, the French Army and French Hospitals called on Deren to be their first provider in 1970.

From 1972, production in Barentin has stopped little by little and Deren started to outsource. New suppliers have been chosen carefully.

The following decades, 1990’s and 2000’s, have been devoted to hospitality textile development.

More recently in January 2017, our new brand DEREN 1887, bed linen 100% washed linen, saw the light of day. Available now online on www.deren1887.fr !

DEREN 1887